Saturday, October 21, 2017

Halloween: Celebration of Death and Hell

     Halloween is the most depraved "holiday" known to mankind.  It is evil, stupid, and it is a celebration of death and hell.  It isn't cute, it isn't just "good fun," but rather, it is a method to steer the children into acceptance of the occult.  It is the Devil's holiday which shouldn't be any holiday.  Halloween is a perfect example of occultic indoctrination and it truly shows the stupidity of the people who participate in it, especially the people who allow their children to dress up as dead people or monsters.

Method in acceptance of evil
     As in any "good" communist society, evil must be mainstreamed.  The hanging of skulls and the wearing of masks reeks of the occult and it serves to destroy the children and the ruin their respect for a high moral standard.  Instead, they are taught to defy these higher principles and descend down into the intellectual pit of occultism.  By the constant indoctrination of the acceptance of death and hell, little children are being primed for a life time of evil and chaos.  That is the bad fruit of the Evil One.

Why do mothers and fathers do this to their children?
     My answer to this is that most of them don't give it another thought.  People like to be accepted into society so they just go with the flow but never examining the morality of what they are doing.  Dressing little children up as dead people and wearing occultic symbols is a recipe for disaster.  Halloween is one of those holidays which starts to degrade society and the damage done is quite compelling.  Without a high moral standard, I don't think mankind will have a good life to enjoy as God would have intended.  Instead, the stupidity of the parents is quite obvious.  But this is the kind of Satanic conditioning that evil people do to themselves and others.

Halloween is immoral
     In an immoral society, the evil people or the "elites" can control the masses and send them in a herd as running off the cliff.  Halloween is an exercise of sorcery which used to be a capital offense.  To celebrate murder and idolatry, this holiday prepares the youngster to live an immoral life.  Think about it.  If the parents cannot hold the line against Halloween, then how are they going to hold the line against immorality in general?  To live a moral life is easier than living in the evil and chaos of this new world order.  Halloween paves the way to a tolerance for evil and it is disgusting.

Halloween is Satanists Christmas

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Suicidal Marketing: NFL Part 2

      I've written a few articles called "Suicidal Marketing" and I would like to do an update.  When it comes to stupid, nothing can match the idiocy of the NFL.  For years I have enjoyed watching football but in recent times, the organization of the NFL seems to have a communist-satanic agenda.  Apparently, the stadiums are half-full, to put it mildly, and looking at the half-empty stadiums shows how dependent the "new world order" is to us unwashed masses.  They want their cake and eat it too.
And in looking at these half-empty stadiums is actually more entertaining than the game itself.  I thought it would take longer for the NFL to implode but it looks like it is almost complete and it is a perfect example for corporations on what not to do.  No organization can stand to lose that much business and come back from it.  I used to be in sales and marketing and the NFL has broken all of the rules of sound business marketing.

Don't piss off your customers
     The NFL has destroyed their brand by angering their customers who pay the bills.  This did not just recently happen.  Going back a few years, it was the Michael Sam incident where the NFL got involved in attempting to normalize queers on the field.  Sam was even videoed kissing his boyfriend and the whole scene was gross.  This pissed off a lot of fans and I for one started to forget about football.  Especially, ESPN who lead the way for normalization of homos on football teams.  The majority of people are straight and they were offended.
     Then there was the blatant persecution of Tim Tebow who was an exciting player who would have put a lot more butts in the stadium.  Tebow took the Broncos into the playoffs but he supposedly wasn't good enough for starting the next year.  People were saying that he couldn't play quarterback when he played quarterback quite well.  The NFL destroyed his career because he has a belief in God and the demonic NFL can't have believers in God on the field.  This pissed me off and I started to lose interest in the game.
     And now comes Colin Kaepernick in his social(ist) justice mantra and made a spectacle of himself on the field by taking a knee or sitting on the bench during the national anthem.  Political views should not be a part of an entertainment package but this is what has been done in the media.  He had the right to do what he did and the people who pay the bills have the right to stop going to the games.  And this is exactly what is happening.  In sales and marketing, pissing off the customer is not an option.  And if you do it, it is almost impossible to get the customer back.  Fans simply got pissed off and many are staying away from the game.  I've never seen such stupidity but it is fun to watch.  The people who run the NFL are destroying their own brand.  I wonder if they learned this shit in university or college.

Football is entertainment
     This game is fun to watch.  It helps keep the masses entertained while Rome is crumbling.  And the "United States" is simply a bad version of the Roman Empire.  But, the NFL had a good thing going but they were too stupid to leave it alone.  Now, the NFL is a sales and marketing disaster.  The advertising rates will certainly have to be renegotiated and the NFL brand will probably never recover.  This will bring on financial problems and the players will not get those high salaries for too much longer.  In today's world of instant communications, it won't take long for the whole thing to implode.  For me, I'm having more fun watching the decline.  However, I feel bad for people who will be losing their jobs because of the stupid management of the organization.  I don't think that they can recover from this because it has been building for the last few years.

Lesson to be learned 
     It is very stupid to mix politics and religion within any business operation.  In the case of the NFL, people go to the games to forget about these subjects for a few hours.  They don't want to go to a game and be subjected to this nonsense.  But, the NFL management has a different agenda.  I believe that the communist-socialist-fascist agenda is a part of the whole operation and it is not just centered on football.  Fortunately, it does not appear to be working.

Other problems with football
     The timing of this couldn't be worse.  People now have more entertainment choices so the NFL needed to be more competitive instead of being a bloated pig.  And the Superbowl halftime show reeks of the occult.  Who wants to watch that?  And now, they are faced with a failing league and a massive job loss is in the making.  Instead of addressing the higher competitive atmosphere and marketing conditions, they have managed to piss off at least half of their customers.  We can see the photo of the empty seats, but what about those empty seats at home?  I used to watch football almost every Sunday and the Monday Night Football but I don't like it any longer.  I have better things to do with my time.
     It is very difficult to get the customer back and in this case, I believe the NFL may not survive their own stupidity.   

Suicidal Marketing: NFL

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Monday, October 16, 2017

The Government is Evil on Purpose

     Many people in the United States and throughout the world are disgusted with the evil and the constant wars that plague any reasonable society.  It is not only the governments, but it is the religions which help to fulminate the utter destruction of society.  There is so much evil that it is difficult for anyone to keep track of it.  And since the government and the legal system itself is based on Luciferian principles, there cannot be any remedy to the situation until people start to take action themselves.  It does no good to attempt to use the problem to solve the problem.  The source of the moral corruption of society is the government and the religions.  So, when something bad happens, just know that it is supposed to be that way.  These institutions have been established to promote evil.  In fact, the government is the false god of the "new world order."  It is a system of idolatry, theft, murder, and war.  The sad part is that it is evil on purpose.  No matter who is the President or leader, nothing really good gets done unless it can be twisted to meet the Satanic agenda of evil.  The only way to fix the problem is to get rid of the Satanic foundation which includes communism.  Communism begets fascism, socialism, libertarianism, and democracy.  The substance of these systems is the same but the style may be different.  Since these systems support themselves by stealing from the productive members of society, the communist system exists in the whole world and it is based on pure evil. 

Authority is from Hell 
     Many governments claim that their authority comes from God.  While I believe in God, I do not put any confidence in any of the religions.  The big question is: which God?  I believe when they say, God, they really mean the Devil.  I used to go to various Christian churches and the people and the leaders were rotten to the core.  The other religions aren't any better: Judaism, Islam, Buddist, and many others are just bat-shit crazy.  But it doesn't do any good to get in theological debates because none of these religious people can prove that their God is the one who created the heavens and the earth and all that they contain.  That's the God that really matter, not the religious nonsense.  The authority of that God is evidenced by the natural law to which everyone on earth is subject.  That is the real law.  The governments and the religions are so immoral that it defies all logic.  So when we see the government screw up, just know that it is supposed to be that way.  In other words, the government is doing its job perfectly.  It really has no authority to do anything because it is an immoral system.  Morality is the same for everyone and I don't believe that God gave the government any special privileges.  The government's authority is of the Devil and it is working perfectly.  The Devil is a form of a false god.  The whole government and religious systems are based on Satanic principles so there is never any reason for them to conduct themselves in any moral fashion.

Communism and fascism are essentially the same
     The modern-day government system depends on "other people's money."  They are massive systems of theft and murder.  Most, if not all, of the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto are in place and have been for hundreds of years.  We didn't have to go to Korea or Vietnam to have war with communists, as they could have just gone to Washington D.C. (District of Communists?)  It is the constant drumbeat of war that keeps society from progressing to living a full and happy life.  In the "United States," the largest domestic terrorist organization is the federal government and the various "law enforcement" agencies.  They are the real trouble-makers and there's no end in sight.

Resisting the evil 
     I've done a lot of historical research and the best suggestion I can give is to stay as far away from the governments and religions as possible.  Perhaps, separation is a better word.  It would be nice to be completely separated but I haven't found the planet that would make that possible.  But I do have some specific suggestions:
  • Don't swear any oaths.  Oath-taking is rooted in the occult so never let anyone talk you into it.
  • Limit your intake of the news and entertainment.  These too are rooted in the occult.  It is best to do something else.  Sitting in a corner in your home picking your nose is more productive than watching television.
  • Spend more time with family and friends.
  • Wait until marriage to have sex.  Premarital sex always gets bad results.
  • Don't get tattoos.  I can't believe how many people now write on themselves.  Tattoos look like shit.
  • Treat other people the way you would like to be treated and have more respect for others.
  • Don't be a liar, thief, or cheat; just stay within the natural law and you can't go wrong.
Lipstick on the Communist Pig
Swear Not at All
Walter Allen Thompson is the author of Natural Law: Supreme Law of the Land

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Who Will Build the Roads?

After many years of studying the government and the various religions, I have come to the conclusion that they are all full of crap.  Their doctrines and policies are inconsistent and they are designed to enslave mankind with their demonic and communist ideas which come from the Devil himself.  It is my belief that there is no such thing as good government.  In reality, there are only two kinds of government workers: 1. assholes, and 2. assholes-in-training.  And the religious leaders are just as bad and maybe even worse; if that is possible.  I do not believe in the authority of any government that violates the natural law.  This natural law is what God created and no government nor religion has the authority to override what was created.  Government and religion are the false authorities that lead mankind into error.  The people need to learn more how to think for themselves instead of having other people do it for them.

Who will build the roads?

This is one of the questions I get when I advocate doing away with the governments.  My answer to that is: "Somebody else will build the roads."  Or, my newer response is: "Who will spend the other 50% of your money that you don't have to pay in taxes?"  In addition, private companies do the road building anyway so there would not be much of a change in the actual function of road building.  However, the land acquisition and the financing would be done by other means.  If the people really want a road, they will work together to make it happen without the drain from the govtards.  Look at what happened in the recent hurricane Harvey.  They had The Cajun Navy with volunteers ready to perform rescues when needed.  Most people in these communities are ready to help each other when a need arises.  That's how things get done; the people just do it.

Additional stupid questions

  • Who will start the wars?
  • Who will kill innocent people?
  • Who will manipulate the economies?
  • Who will write laws that hardly anyone reads?
  • Who will kiss the pope's ass?
  • Who will send billions to Israel and other foreign countries?
  • Who will produce lies and deception?
I think that the goal in most peoples' lives is to live in peace and happiness without the constant bullshit coming from the government and the religions.  There is no shortage of idiots who want to tell someone else what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.  Life has become a constant barrage of constant rules, laws, and regulations which few people understand completely.  Most people want to live their lives and take care of their families with a minimum amount of conflict.  But the main problem in our lives is bad government (not that there's such a thing as good government) and bad religion.

What is odd about the question: Who will build the roads? is like a complete rejection of personal responsibility.  Just because one group of people want a road doesn't mean everyone should have to pay for it.  The problem with too much government is that is always results in a form of communism which is the modern version of feudalism.  The government is the false god of the "new world order" which means anything that goes outside of God's natural order.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of Natural Law:Supreme Law of the Land

Redneck Communist

This might be a way to describe the plague of communism in a very simple way that even a redneck can understand it.

If your government imposes an income tax; it is communist.

If your government imposes property tax; it is communist. 

If your government imposes regulations on industry and agriculture; it is communist.

If your government provides free public education; it is communist. 

If your government has a central banking system; it is communist. 

If corporations are licensed by the STATE, State, or state; it is communist.

The only reason that communism allows any kind of free market activity, is that there needs to be something for the government to steal.

Lipstick on the Communist Pig

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of Natural Law:Supreme Law of the Land

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Help! I Need a Kikapractor

Kikapractor: A doctor who treats the traumatic mental condition created from the idiocy of communist Jews inflicting their bullshit on the goyim and non-communist Jews. (I made this up.)

I grew up with Jews when I was a young man and I've never seen from them the whiney shit that I've seen from libtard groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).  The most notable Jew that I've met was Irwin Schiff who bravely battled the income tax in the 1990s and early 2000s.  In my opinion, a kike is a communist Jew.  The Russians knew them well when over 85% of the Bolsheviks were communist Jews.

Communist Jews can't take the criticism
I just watched a video by Paul Joseph Watson who is saying that the ADL will be participating in the censorship of controversial alt right videos which have been extremely popular on Youtube.  (I've posted the link below this article.)  They go as far as putting up a list of alt right Youtubers and suggesting that they are extremists and that they must be censored.  Of course, no communist kike will ever be censored because he is "special."  What is interesting, is that a lot of the people on this list don't say that much about the Jews but they do say a lot about the evil of communism.  I'm not familiar with most of the people on this list, but the nimrods at the ADL should grow up.  Political and social speech should never be censored.  The ADL doesn't have any problem with freaks advocating sexual perversions.  In fact, many Jews own and operate the porn industry which has almost totally destroyed societies all over the world.

Karl Marx was a Jew
Most people forget that Marx, the author of The Communist Manifesto was a Jew.  When it comes to the idea of communism, the Jews own it.  In fact, almost every country that bleeds under the tyranny of communism has a central bank, which is one of the "planks" of The Communist Manifesto. The interest paid to the central banks is collected through income tax.  Wow!!  What a gig!  The communist Jews collect interest (through the income tax) on money that they pulled out of their collective asses.  They create money out of nothing and then charge interest. And then they want us to feel sorry for them.  It's no wonder they got kicked out of over 100 countries throughout history.  No one on the ADL's alt right list, to my knowledge, advocates communism.

Religious delusions come from the Jews
I believe in the God which created the heavens and the earth but I reject most writings because I have no proof that they came from God.  Some of them may be true, but to sort through the religious bullshit has just been too much for me.  After reading the Bible for over 25 years, I believe that it is a big fraud and that is because of its roots in Judaism.  All of the Abrahamic religions are corrupted: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.  I think that the corruption comes from the Talmud which includes the advocacy of sexual perversion with little children.  I have no use for any "religion" that advocates harming of the unborn and little children.  Jehovah means the "God of war."  That would be Satan, and we can see the bad results from these religions.  They are all rotten to the core.  With the Jews, there is no peace.

Most of the media is owned by Jews
The Jews have no reason to complain about being left out.  However, the reason why they are not liked is that they act like assholes.  Not all Jews are assholes, but as a group of people, they are disliked because of their own bigotry, hatred, and persecution of non-Jews.  Again, this is the only group of people who have been kicked out of over 100 countries.  I've worked in retail in Beverly Hills which has a lot of Jews and it was the most disgusting experience I've ever had.  They are very immature and condescending to non-Jews.  It is the Jew's own behavior that makes him unlikeable.  And since the media promotes communism, it is no wonder why most intelligent people reject it.  And the MSM is losing control very fast as the alt right is much more credible.

Jews have been involved in slave-trading
Jews are some of the worst slave-traders in the world.  They stole many black people from Africa and brought them into the "new world."  And even today, they do it by their corrupted central banking system, insurance, and bonds.  Now, almost everyone is a subject of the communist slave system.  What is pathetic is that they think they are free.

Christian Zionists
The Christian churches are infected with Zionists so they are of no value to opposing the occult that comes with Judaism.  Christians and Muslims are partaking of the occult and their organizations are of no value.

Jew should stop whining about the past and grow up to be mature adults with morals
Anything that is bad about this world, the communist Jews will be at the center of it.  No one really likes them and they inflict their filthy feudal-communist government upon the whole earth.  Of course, if they didn't do that then people wouldn't have such a low opinion of themselves.  I have worked with Jews for many years and the results are a mixed bag just like any other group of  people.  But the whining from the ADL is really off-the-hook.  They attack anyone who doesn't like their communist system of government.  This is when people need to have a good kikapractor around.  The Jewish bullshit is piled high and the trauma inflicted knows no limits.

What treatments would a kikapractor render?
  • There are not enough drugs in the world to take away the pain of the Jewish communists so that won't help.
  • Maybe an adjustment of the lower back and buttocks would be in order as the communist Jews are such a pain in the ass.
  • Sever all communist political ties with Israel. 
  • Separate from all promoters of the rogue "state" of Israel.
  • Remove all traces of communism in all governments.
I know I'm dreaming but it is worth a try.  The constant whining of the ADL makes me want to puke it up.

YouTube Censorship

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Prescribed Deletion:The Truth About Antidepressants

  The Truth About Antidepressants.

(This article I found on  There are some compelling stories from people who have taken antidepressants and the problems that they have even after stopping the "medication."  I used to have people who worked for me years ago that complained about the same things. WAT)

This is a massive subject, and I am living a very difficult life at this time which is interfering with my writing. So, I have to rough this out. This report is based mainly upon information I gathered during a study of antidepressants I did in 2008/09. This was the study that netted the classified documents from GSK
This is the first section of this report.
I will do this report one section at a time, and the steps will be:
1. Testimonies of people destroyed by antidepressants
2. The chemistry of the various antidpressants, and which dangerous substances in everyday life they deliver directly to the brain - Yes, you heard that right, there are several that do nothing more than deliver modeling glue and other nasty aromatic hydrocarbons straight to your brain, and KEEP THEM THERE. Several would be replaced well by a gasoline inhaler attached to a backpack that you carry with you - (pill form is easier though) and others, like Prozac, are derived from fluoride. Antidepressants deliver a very stable but FILTHY high until you fry, and the hydrocarbon based ones cause exactly the same damage you get from working in a paint booth without a respirator. I HAVE PROOF.
3. The visible physical damage antidepressants cause and how and why it occurs, including osteo porosis, calcification of the brain, brain shrinkage, destruction of white matter, corkscrewed axons, liver and other organ damage, and some interesting ancedotes related to this;
4. The motivation for attempting to destroy the entire population of a nation with these substances, and an expose of the corruption in the FDA, the medical community, the Jewish connection, the banker/Rothchild/Rockefeller/facist connection, the future slave state, how the research SSRI's are based on was done in Russia and imported to America in the form of Prozac, and the proposed finalization of the destruction of Western civilization which "antidepressants" will play a central role in.
5. A detailed exposure of why antidepressants destroy bonding relationships, and make it impossible for anyone to fall permanently in love for REAL, with a little side attachment explaining the reasons for why specific brands destroy sex in different ways. - I actually have the line by line answers for EACH BRAND, and which part of the brain they ruin to often permanently destroy sex in different ways. Different brands destroy different pathways, but all are effective in wrecking sex.
6. How they get away with hurting so many people under the supposed cover of doing good, and the methods put in place to avoid being sued, imprisoned, and hung. What WE need to do to forever expose this scam, and make sure they are sued, imprisoned, and hung. I have the answer to EXACTLY how we can blow this open and hang them.
SO, due to the hacks and deletions I am constantly fighting, here is a rather rough start. It's obvious from all that has transpired that this is a stab at the root of the worst evil, this is going to piss them off more than anything.
Prescribed Deletion - testimonies of the destroyed.
These are the words of those who have been destroyed by antidepressants. If you are among them, STOP listening to your P-doc telling you it never happens; the reality is that they ALL know it happens and they are lying to you. View this chart, and READ THE RESULTS THAT FOLLOW.

These are testimonies of people destroyed by antidepressants.
- - - - - -
"Whoever said that they lost most their ability to love; MAN, that is the thing I miss the most. I was a very, very, very passionate person prior to celexa. I was passionate about everything, my marriage, my job, my country. I couldn't hear our national anthem without stopping and feeling the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up. 14 years in the Army National guard, I was very into my career with them too. I was passionate about running, about my relationship with (and this will probably sound weird) my dog. I miss all of these things. I hope they all come back to me. They were very much the bricks in the foundation of my life and I feel like they are gone. When I say I want the old me back, I mean the person who was passionate, the person who loved and was loved. The driven person who saw what he wanted and went out and got it. That was all taken from me with the introduction of Celexa in my life. I just want it back."
- - - - - -
"I've been in an extremely peculiar state for the past 8 months after stopping Wellbutrin/buproprion. I have literally lost everything inside of me and no longer have a sense of "inner being". My personality has been completely erased, along with the inner psyche I've spent a lifetime building. When I attempt to "look inside", it is impossible because there is literally nothing there. Everything that made up my specific sense of personal being is gone, including including my hopes, fears, dreams, goals, opinions, values, morals, likes/dislikes, and most strikingly, all emotions and feelings.
I have no feelings associated with past events, and no emotional connections with anything in the world. Specific emotions that defined my personal sense of being are no longer there. People, places, things and events that I thought were etched in my soul as having significance no longer mean a thing. Absolutely nothing, I can't stress this enough.
I am unable to look backward or forward, have no sense of past accomplishments and no desire for future ones. The strangest thing is, I cannot feel anything toward being in this state, as that part of me is gone too. It's like a recursive erasure of everything I ever was, am, and will be.
It doesn't feel like life is a conscious experience that I am having anymore, as there is no inner construct within me to absorb an experience on any level. I see, hear, touch, and smell, yet each of these is so devoid of emotional content that they don't coalesce into anything meaningful I can call a human consciousness. My sense of being has been replaced by a constant void of nothingness that is unchanging, 24/7, I feel nothing towards the nothingness. It is not like feeling empty inside, there is no inside to feel empty within.
Getting to this state was a long process that started with gradually losing my emotions. This started when I decided to withdraw from the antidepressant Wellbutrin/Bupropion which I'd been on a high dosage of for 5 years. Strangely, going back on it did not help, but made things worse. When I stopped and started the drug a second time, I experienced one tremendous day of improvement followed by a seizure while sleeping, and woke up in a confused state. After this I regressed and felt completely dead inside.
This waking up in a confused state happened 2 more times, once in May 2010 and once in September 2010. Both of these were preceded by sudden improvements. But upon waking I felt like I had lost a basic part of my self. Not just feelings, but the core of my being. What I felt to be the complete and final destruction of my inner being happened on September 7th, 2010, and there hasn't been a change since (it has now been 8 months).
- - - - - -
"I tell you, I never had a problem before celexa. I just want to be back to me. I want to no longer be the pitiful creature it made me. I want to be me. The old me. I want myself back. Life isn't worth living with this new person holding my thoughts and feelings hostage. I have been off Celexa since last year. I JUST WANT ME BACK."
"I have been on 0 mgs for almost a year, and my emotional state has yet to come back to normal. (normal me). I have been from Psyc doc to Psyc doc (never needed before celexa) to try to figure it out. They point the problem back to me. I found out by reading around the Internet, and buying the book "Prozac: Panacea or Pandora" by doctor Ann Blake Tracy, and I found out that several people, if not all people, who go off these drugs experience exactly what I have experienced. When Natalie wrote what she wrote, you can go back to some of my earlier posts and the withdrawal effects are written down almost verbatim. These are bad for our brains, they change our personalities. I want my life back, and don't want even my worst enemy to experience what I have been through. These people have no love for their fellow man. We need to, no matter how emotionally messed up we are, we need to band together and prevent them (a commercial for Cymbalta just came on the tv, made my blood boil) from prescribing them to ANYONE. Depression hurts said the commercial, I never knew depression till after celexa. I have been through hell, therefore hell exists."
- - - - - -
"What I don't understand is how a drug could completely erase me as a human being. What I'm experiencing is not depression, anhedonia, or flat affect, but a permanent change in my consciousness that literally destroyed my humanity. All the parts that made up my being are literally gone. I don't understand how this is even possible, or what (if anything) I can do to change it."
- - - - - -
"I'm 25 yrs old. I used to be a bodybuilder, avid fisherman, used to drag race, and enjoy the great outdoors. USED TO.
I was on effexor for about 3 yrs, 75mgs. I decided I wanted to stop taking it, I felt fine. Im 25 I said and I can deal with lifes problems.
I told my doc if I may discontinue the drug he said sure, if you want to. Doctor didn't even ask me if I wanted to wean off, I suggested him to give me the 35mgs, but he gave me only a weeks worth.
I have never in life felt so sick. I would not wish this on anyone, not even my enemy. The first 3 months were hell. dizziness, nausea, fatigue, bad memory, brain zaps, you name it I had it. I couldnt even walk sometimes.
I fought and fought and it is now 7 months that I am clean off this horrible so called drug.
To this day, 7 MONTHS later, I am left with weakness, bad memory, and horrible coordination.
I can no longer workout, all my muscles went down, I have no energy to do what I liked to do in my life. I cannot function or remember things at work. I am useless. If it wasn't my cousins place, I would have been fired along time ago.
I am not depressed, I don't have panic attacks.
In my opinion, Effexor has left me permanent damage. I have been through more tests than you can think of. blood tests upon blood tests for every disease known to man.
This drug has changed my life for the worse and everynight i cry, because I feel that this medicine has severly left me damaged. My doctor has no idea what to do."
- - - - - -
"I was prescribed Zoloft 25-50mgs 9 years ago while I was in college.
Before I begin with the nightmare, let me stress I WAS NOT SICK when I started this drug. I had anxiety (situational )and was a little tired. That is it. Other than these issues, I was as healthy as a horse, never been in the hospital, rarely if ever needed to go to the doctor. I was very active and on the go.
Well, Zoloft worked immediately, what can I say. I loved it. Loved it loved it loved it. I thought it was a gift from God, saved me and my college career. I wasn't as shy as I had been. I felt more social.
But then I found I could not get off without severe head pain and brain zaps. So, I stayed on it. Every few months I would think about going off again, but the symptoms I would get kept me on it, and very afraid to come off. So, I stayed on it for 8 long years. (I forgot to mention I gained 25 pounds within the first 3 months on it. That was another reason I wanted off).
After 8 years, I'd had enough. I felt like I no longer needed it, I had been long out of college and the original situations that gave me anxiety were long gone. So, at my doctors advice, I tapered over about 3-4 weeks.
Then my life was shattered. Completely shattered.
I was told the withdrawal would only last a week or two at most, so I rode it out. It never went away and only kept getting worse. So, I gave up and tried to go back on. I couldn't take the symptoms anymore. But my body was having none of that. Strangely, now when I took Zoloft, my body and brain reacted badly, as if it were rejecting it. I got a fever and felt like I was dying. I had no choice but to get off again. I was given other SSRI's, but none of them helped either, and all of them made me worse. I no longer tolerated meds like I did prior to Zoloft.
I kid you not, here I am 3 YEARS later and still very ill, and it all began when getting off Zoloft. Here is what I suffer 24/7.....
severe head pain and pressure
brain zaps/ electrical zaps shooting through brain down to toes
burning in extremities and brain
severe fatigue and weakness
severe depression ( never was depressed, ever, until coming off Zoloft )
severe anxiety
panic attacks...BAAAAD
daily crying jags
skin eruptions and
bone and muscle pain
burning tongue
digestive pain
cramping on right side under rib cage
hair loss
sensitivities to food and medications previously tolerated well
extremely sensitive to vitamins and minerals previously tolerated well
no motivation / severe apathy
loss of career and income/ on disability
derealization/ depersonalization
back and neck spasms
unable to drive, shop, or eat out
increased allergies to things once tolerated well ( smoke, dust, cats )
suicidal thoughts....pretty regularly and very scary
jaw pain from clenching teeth ( I guess from severe stress )
agoraphobia...very heartbreaking since I used to be so busy
ears ringing
feeling like being hit it the back of the head with a shovel
pressure in chest, like a 100 elephants are sitting on me
racing pulse, even when resting
increased blood pressure and cholesterol
metallic taste
bladder spasms
loss of cognition/ mental function ( feels like I lost 50 IQ points )
difficulty concentrating and recalling facts
I wrote a letter to Pfizer, detailing my story and my symptoms. They blew me off and wanted a doctors opinion of what my illness is from. No doctor will admit to Zoloft being the cause of this illness, so Pfizer pretty much told me they take no responsibility. They ruined my life, and take no responsibility. They train their drug reps to educate doctors that these drugs are harmless. They know better, but rake in too much money to do anything about it.
They do not care how many lives they destroy, as long as they continue making their billions off innocent victims."
- - - - - -
"My withdrawal from Seroxat/Paxil (a few years ago, now). I became very aggressive on the stuff (many arrests and court appearances), and on some days I could pop valium like smarties without it making the slightest bit of difference. When I decided it would be a clever move to stop taking it and put up with a few days of flu-like symptoms, I found out what withdrawal was really like.
I slashed at my arms, I rolled around on the floor, screaming, because everything felt raw (my theory is that we 'normally' perceive the world through a comfortable haze of endorphins--which was stripped away) and when the police were called I freaked out completely and brandished a knife at them.
My husband referred to that state as being 'animalistic'.
Needless to say, I escaped jail by a hair's breadth. When I ended up in ER, following a dose of pepper spray in my face, I begged for Seroxat and the doc just laughed in my face and said they weren't running a pharmacy. They did not believe there was such a thing as SSRI/SNRI withdrawal syndrome. I think they still don't.
In the cell, waiting for the court appearance, I had the worst shakes and weird feelings (derealisation, having two heads, having my head swell to the size of a water melon). The junky I shared the cell with said: "Wow, what are you on?"
- - - - - -
I was put on zoloft, and when I stopped taking it I became disoriented didn't remember anything for 3 days. Lost my systems design engineering job I had for 7 years with 21 succesful projects. Lost my income, lost my mind, lost my home, cars, family heirlooms retirement, etc.etc. It all happened after taking ZOLOFT. I was finally diagnosed with a form of epilepsy and put on anti siezure meds..Lamictal. The Zoloft stuff took place In the 3rd world state of recourse..Louisiana SUCKS. I now live in Florida, I'm 100% disabled and doing somewhat better thanks to my wife and my 2 wonderful kids that stood by me during those nightmarish days. By the way..the state of louisiana does not recognize the brain as an organ according to one ambulance chasing Lawyer. It only counts as an organ during a lawsuit right after an accident. If there are problems 10 years later...too bad it is no longer relevent.
- - - - - -
The first time I tried to get off cymbalta, I tapered over two months. Three weeks after the last dose, I was still extremely affected. I almost lost my job (doctor-level position), I almost quit my job.
I had about two months of hell trying to get off it.
So I'd be trying to pick up my clothes to get dressed in the morning and it was like zap zap zap grip wall zap pick up shirt zap zap nausea zap sit back down zap. Then I'd be talking to someone at work and i'd have the zaps and want to say 'oh just dont mind my nystagmus, nothing to worry about'
I don't feel that pissed off about it all right now, I just wonderhow long it will take before the brain zaps go away for good
I think I might donate some money to some organization this year that lobbies for more disclosure to patients about this shit because my dr who first prescribed it to me said 'Really? It causes vertigo in you? I am on it too and I get that too--I wonder what's up with that.'.
Followup: I'm up to about 6 months since I was taking Cymbalta every day and I still have weird effects like those described above. It has gotten to be kind of a joke now and mostly I just get the weird vertigo zaps. I wonder if it is 'permanent' a lot.
It is a very distinct 'zap' and it feels way more sketchy and scary than the depression that caused me to go looking for an antidepressant.
- - - - - -
"The worst kind of hell imaginable. I was off of this drug for 4 months without a hint of relief from the withdrawl symptoms. I was scared for my life and at the same time wanted to die..... Furthermore, every doctor I saw told me that Paxil isn't addictive. **FRUSTRATION** Hated it!"
- - - - - -
"Please consider this before commenting on antidepressants in a positive way.
About 10 years ago, the medical school at a major university began to notice a large number of cadavers coming in (for the medical students to work on) which had indented and calcified frontal lobes in their brains.
Puzzled by this, they went through the life history of each cadaver that had this anomaly, and discovered that in every case, the person had been on SSRI antidepressants.
The level of brain damage indicated that each of the cadavers had been lobotomized.
The people who drew the connection between the calcified and collapsed frontal lobes (the part of the brain which contains your soul) and antidepressants received offers of money to keep it secret, and when they chose to go public anyway, received anonymous death threats against their families and children if they ever went public.
I have seen many people get destroyed by antidepressants, all the while they said all was well. Invariably they go down the toilet as they eventually move toward complete and total emotional and personality flatline."
- - - - - -
"I decided I did not want to be ruled by this drug. Under the supervision of my doctor over a two month period, I weened myself from cymbalta forever. Each time I went down to a smaller dose I got sick. I had headaches, brain zaps, nausea, flu-like symptoms, I blacked out, my memory would get worse, until the culmination of taking no Cymbalta at all. Fortunately my mother is retired and was able to stay with me- I was withdrawaling like I assume people do on heavy street drugs! I would go to sleep hoping I would not wake up and be in pain throughout the day. My pain would get worse as the day progressed and by 4:00 I could barely stand the headaches, nausea, the ear ringing, and brain zaps. It has been a year since I have been off of Cymbalta and I continue to have horrible headaches that get worse as the day progresses; my ears ring, and my vision is screwed up. I see little lights at night time. My memory is not what it used to be and when I tell my doctors that I think I was permanatley poisoned by cymbalta they look at me like I am crazy (and isn't that the reason I went on the cymbalta in the first place?)"
- - - - - -
"I am on my 7th day of no Cymbalta after being on it for only 3 weeks. I went from 60mg to 30mg, no problem. Then 30mg to 15mg, by making my own pills from the 30mg. Brain Zaps started. Now since I am clean for 7 days the Brain Zaps are hell, I think I even blink when they hit me. Inside my head the Zaps sound like a chattering angry squirrel. The people that made this drug must have never tested it for withdrawals. I have terrible back pain, have trouble sleeping, and have even cried twice this week. I just took 50mg of benedryl and 1000mg of tylenol hoping I can sleep tonight. I also gained weight on the drug. Has anyone that dealt with the Brain Zaps stopped having them all together? They are so bad, I am afraid to drive, I now understand why some folks kill themselves coming off drugs like this one. If there is a happy ending, I would love to know about it. Almost forgot, Blood Pressure has gone thru the roof coming off this stuff."
- - - - - -
"I will name the countless symptoms and probably unreversable brain damage I am living with after Effexor. There are good days in wich some of the symptoms won't arise for exception of the pain. Those are the days I can be a mother and wife but still the shadow of the energetic person I was. Back in July all the symptoms hit me all at once. Blury vision, dizzy, letargic, high pitch ringing in my ears, exhaustion, pain all over my body, joints and muscles. Muscle twitching, slurred speech, urinary incontinence at times, hair lose in patches. It is impossible for me to normally work at any type of job now. I have states where I would forget what I am doing. I have times in wich I have a hard time controlling voluntary motor functions in my legs and arms (such as not being able to write, open a bottle or carry anything). Every now and then muscles will begin to twitch, then just stop, out of the blue. I became lethargic and have no energy to do anything. Not to mention times or days when I can not drive due to the chance that I would have an accident beacuse of the sudden blury vision or dizzines that make it dificult to see. Not to mention when I suddenly forget where I am going or doing."
- - - - - -
Since I started taking effexor, My memory is going out the window. I am having trouble remembering things from yesterday, granted I haven’t always been the best to remember things. I have noticed that I am forgetting tasks at work, this has never happened. I find myself using an entire pad of sticky notes, and forgetting to complete the notes written.
I’ve been taking Effexor since last November, and I’ve been having memory problems. Even yesterday I can barely remember. It’s so difficult. Usually, I had a good memory but now it has gone down hill.
I’ve been on it for about 9 months, and the SAME thing is happening to me. i forget things daily, lose things often, and my attention span is like a 3 year old boy. my doctor also told me theyre not connected, but i KNOW they are, which is the main reason i’m coming off the drug now. i wishi would have been informed of all this before i got hooked on the stinking drug.
I have been experiencing memory loss for awhie also. I started taking Effexor spring 2005. Before that I had been taking Zoloft, which was not working for my anxiety and depression. I notice about 3-6 months into taking Effexor that my short term memory was playing tricks on me and the more I think about it the more I realize this drug has something to do with that. What should we do now? Does anyone else think we should be contacting the company and find out the truth about this being a side effect???
- - - - - -
"I have been on Celexa for almost three years. the results: lost a job and a marriage due to being so non complacent but gained 20 lbs. I skipped a few doses several weeks ago and decided it was time to wean myself off. I tapered down very quickly and am now dealing with the following withdrawal symptoms:
Blurred vision
Jolting electric "zaps" (at bedtime)
Tingling sensations
Abdominal discomfort
Flu symptoms and general malaise
Gait disturbances
Sleep disturbance and insomnia
Vivid dreams
Memory and concentration difficulties
Crying spells
The aggression is the scariest part but now that I know almost everyone experiences this I feel better. From reading most of the posts it doesn't seem to matter if you wean yourself or go cold turkey, the withdrawal symptoms appear the same."
- - - - - -
I believe SSRIs "cause" neurogenesis through the brains compensatory mechanisms. By inducing a massive chemical imbalance at the synaptic level, SSRIs force the brain to respond by shutting down these connections and creating new ones (which then get shut down, and the cycle continues). Unfortunately, these new connections (axons) often resemble the type of new axonal growth (swollen/corksrew appearance) seen after recovery from a neurotoxic MDMA regimen. (editor's note - MDMA is Ecstacy) These axons also often grow and/or project into areas where they did not before, and the significance of this is as of yet unknown.
7. The most troubling permanent lasting adverse neurological effects you may experience after prolonged SSRI usage (and consequent STOPPING) are :
a). Word finding troubles
b). Absolute emotional flatness and deadness
c). Permanently reduced sex drive
d). An odd, pervasive social anxiety/awkwardness
e). Trouble with coordination
f). Bad memory
g). Trouble retrieving words
h). Overall paucity of thought and expression
i). Lack of creativity and intellectual fluidity (mental fog)
j). A lack of ability to "steer" or control the tone of your voice
(I've noticed this- that I sound shaky and agitated no matter what my
mood is, and people think I'm upset when I'm really not)
8. After these brain damaging effects have sunken in, you may have great difficulty finding support anywhere. Talking to a p-doc may be an exercise in futility. They will want to protect their own interests and shield themselves from a possible lawsuit, hence you may be told continually to get back on meds/up your dosage. The more you protest, the less credibility you have, thus the more evidence in your p-doc's mind that you need to go back on SSRIs.
9. Once you realize the extent of the damage, and it sinks in beyond the denial you may initially face, it will be hard to explain to others exactly why you are not the same person you used to be. The damage is similar to a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) yet it might be better termed DBI (Diffuse Brain Injury).
- - - - - -
"Oh, how the withdrawal wrecked me. The only thing worse than taking Cymbalta was withdrawal from Cymbalta. Added to all the side effects I was already having, I very much wanted to cut myself, and got as far as sitting down with a blade, but instead I bit myself on the hand as hard as I could stand. I think I also punched myself in the thigh that same day, but it's all sort of hazy. The first day off Cymbalta, I hallucinated, felt like my arms were really far away from the rest of my body, dissociated for most of the day, and in general, thought I was going to have to call for an ambulance. A benzo would've really helped, but I didn't have a pdoc yet at the time; I had to wait three weeks and let me tell you, those were three of the most hellish weeks of my life, including feeling very much like I was having a mixed episode. Out of desperation, I took diphenhydramine because it helped the vertigo and the sleepy feeling sort of passed for "calmer." It took at least three weeks for the withdrawal symptoms to calm down to a dull roar. When I saw my new pdoc, I was still agitated."
- - - - - -
Your doctor is your worst enemy. Welbutrin is an SNRI. It blocks the metabolites in the liver that metablilze seretonin and noepinephrin. Switching to celexa, which is an SNRI is not going to help you. Doctors just have no clue as to what they are doing. You go to them with a problem, they consult ther PDR, and hand out some drugs that the pretty little pharma rep gave to them. They will give you something to destroy your brain, then give you a benzo like xanax, to combat anxiety. You cannot sleep, you are always on edge, you end up with some sort of psycological "disorder" (manufactured by the drug companies), and you are left a buned out shell of what you used to be. They tried to give my mother-in-law prozac because she was sad when her father was dying of cancer, and she was starting to go through menopause. I SCREAMED. This lady didn't need prozac, or any other mind altering drugs. She needed to reduce her stress.
I told her to take topical progesterone, and she turned around just fine.
Fact: Doctors don't know what ssri's do to the brain
Fact: There is no evidence of a lack of neuro transmitters.
Fact: There is no way of measuring the level of seretonin in the brain...
I pray for anyone in distress anywhere, and God bless and help those whose lives were destroyed by doctors who dished out meds that they know nothing about.
did anyone else get tapered off zoloft from a doctor but still having withdrawal?
this is how my doctor did it and I am still trying to understand why it was just down to 50mg and not less after a while: starting with my 100 mg
week 1- 50 mg every day
week 2 and 3 50 mg every other day
week 4 50 mg every two days
week 5 50 mg every three days
week 6 off (on this week now)
I took my last on Sunday and it's now Wednesday. last night I could not sleep, I felt very cold and I was shivering and had interrupted sleep and then got too hot all over like I was burning. I've had the brain zaps all along on the days I didn't take it and some of the shivering and feeling a little dizzy too , very restless sleep on and off for these last few weeks. also some irritability, and very depressed and hopeless feelings and anger, some crying spells for no reason. I don't want to call the doctor because obviously they don't know what they are doing or I wouldn't have withdrawal symptoms at all.
- - - - - -
My daughter began having petit mal seizures. Coincidentally, she was just recently placed on Zoloft. I am sure it was only a coincidence, right? What did Zoloft do to you?
- - - - - -
- - - - - -
Zoloft destroyed my life, and my Dr. and therapist stood by and watched it all happen right before their eyes, it was like I was a project for them. I am sorry to those I affected during that time, I regret it everyday.
- - - - - - 

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